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Trisio Camera 

Trisio with NodeRotate technology where One lens rotates in 4 shots creating 8K 360 panoramas by stitching automatically

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The no-nonsense 360 camera

8K capture

8K/32MP resolution makes it very competative camera for a lot of high end uses cases. In this case the 8K is captured using 4 photos and stitched which makes quality even better. 

HDR capture 

In-built HDR makes the images absolutely gorgeous especially combined with their Any scene technology. Tough contrasts are taken care of easily. 

Dedicated iOs and Android apps

Trisio Lite 2 will help you to easily capture 360 images, using Trisio360 camera app on your mobile device.

( iOS &/or Android)

Single-lens Design

The built in precision-motor allows the camera to rotate by itself using NodeRotate technology to capture the best indoor shots.  

Instant Stitching

No lengthy stitching, the panoramas are created instantly and ready to be upload to your Virtual tour software.

Deep Integeration with TeliportMe

TeliportMe software integerates deeply with the Trisio camera and supports all the Images taken from the camera.

Customer testimonials for Trisio Camera 

Youtube reviewers.

Mic Ty from 360rumors.com
Yuqing Guo
Ben Claremont
                       Nathan Cool 
Fabien captain virtuality
Nic Watson

The smarter virtual tour

High resolution

A landing page is usually meant to drive traffic for a specific marketing campaign by being functional as well as beautiful.

Unlimited Customization

Beautiful interfacesdesigned to be so easy to use and customize almost any property from Panoramas, Scene, Hotspots, Interactions, Colors, Fonts etc.

Share and Embed Easily

A single well built responsive website may be enough, but multiple landing pages are constantly created and tested. 

MLS Friendly

Creating multiple landing pages for different devices the traditional designer + developer way is expensive.

Virtual Reality Ready

When it comes to lead generation, create offers that your customers cannot refuse. Offer has to be greater than the ask. 

Award winning Support

We were rated one of the top SAAS products with respect to our customer success by AppSumo.com in 2021

Serving 25,000+ customers across the globe

TeliportMe has been a great partner for our company! They offer an unbeatable integration service with Guesty via our marketplace, the largest of any property-management platform.

TeliportMe is undoubtedly the best software provider for virtual tour SDKs and APIs. When we were launching our own internal product. I was most impressed by the quality of the technology by TeliportMe. 

I've done similar tests with other websites, and TeliportMe has among the highest fidelity. This is why I've begun using TeliportMe for the 360 camera comparison tool.

Editor, 360rumors.com

Sample Tours Built with Trisio on TeliportMe

Real Estate Example 1
Real Estate Example 2
Wedding Hall 
Apartment 1
Real Estate Example 3
Car interior

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